To download the current league constitution in PDF: BCCSL-Constitution-2014


British Columbia Christian Soccer League




1.         Our History

2.         Our Vision

3.         Statement of Principles

4.         Definitions

5.         Executive Committee

6.         Executive Sub-Committees

7.         Updating Policies and Procedures

8.         Notice of League Meetings

9.         Code of Conduct

a.         Eligibility

b.         Team Requirements

c.          League Structure

d.         Officiating

e.         Scheduling

f.          Discipline

g.         Public Relations

h.         ID Cards

i.          League Fees


1.         Our History


It has been my pleasure to get the BCCSL off the ground.  The goal was to gather interested leaders, see a constitution drafted, and turn over the running of the League to a capable committee of several Christians from different churches, as “in a multitude of counselors, there is safety.”  My vision is that the game of soccer be an enjoyable means of fellowship for all involved.


It is hoped that the BCCSL will provide opportunity for soccer enjoyment and fulfillment under regulations that promote high sports standards, enabling the participants to enjoy sport while putting Christ first in their lives and not interfering with regular church attendance.


Our goal is to see structured competition in soccer provided, where Christ and fellowship between brothers in Christ and churches are the priorities, followed by quality and sportsmanlike competition.  It is our goal to promote and maintain the positive aspects of the game in an environment where participants can grow in Christian character and fellowship.  May the Lord bless and have His way in the League, and may it be dedicated to the unity and fellowship of the Body of Christ.


Originally written by founder Manfred Schulz (late 1970’s)





2.         Our Vision


We acknowledge the tremendous foundation built in the past by men like Manfred Schulz.  It is our desire to see the BCCSL continue to be a League that promotes high sports standards, fun, and fellowship between brothers and sisters in Christ.  Above all, our prayer is that the BCCSL will bring glory to God.  It is our vision for this soccer League to be used as a tool to reach out to people outside the church walls and see them introduced to Jesus.  We want to seek the Lord to guide this League and we dedicate it to the fellowship, unity, and growth of the Body of Christ.


Revised by Dave Sattler (2003)


3.         Statement of Principles


The Purpose of the BCCSL is:


a.         To glorify God through the playing of the game of soccer.


b.         To permit its members to enjoy organized soccer played in the fellowship of other members of the Body of Christ.


c.          To promote friendships within each church team.


d.         To promote inter-church fellowship and unity.


e.         To encourage its members to be witnesses of Christ reaching out to others both on and off the field.


4.         Definitions (to help readers better understand the policies and procedures)


a.         Executive Committee is comprised of the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Scheduler, the Registrar and others as elected by the membership.


b.         Manager is the official representative from each team.  The Senior Pastor of the sponsoring church confirms the appointment of the manager annually.  Two church teams require the confirmation of the team manager by the Senior Pastor of each church.


5.         Executive Committee.  An Executive Committee shall conduct the administration of the League.


a.         Duties of the Executive Committee:


1)        To establish, maintain, and administer a suitable organization to supervise the affairs of the League.


2)        To make or authorize such financial arrangements as may be necessary for the operation of the League.


3)        To determine and enforce the policy of the League in accordance with the Statement of Principles (article 1.)


4)        To rule on matters of discipline when instructed by the President.


5)        To perform any other functions as may be necessary for the administration of the League.


b.         Voting powers of the Directors.  The Directors shall have one vote each on all League matters, including amendments to the Constitution of the League.


c.          Meetings of the Board.  The President shall, at his or her discretion, call the necessary meetings of the Board.  There shall be a minimum of one meeting per year.


d.         Duties of the President:


1)        Selection and Tenure.  The President will be appointed every three years by the membership by majority vote.  The President will serve for a three-year term.  The President may succeed himself or herself for more than one term.  The maximum term is two consecutive three-year terms. If there is no successor the president can be voted to yearly terms until a successor voted upon by the executive committee is found. The former president will offer assistance for one year with the new president to give any needed guidance.


2)        The President shall, at his discretion, call the necessary meeting of the Executive Committee and shall chair all meetings of the Board and League meetings.


3)        Voting Power. Under normal circumstances, the President shall have one vote.  In the event of a tie vote, the vote of the President shall be counted as two votes.


4)        Maintaining and communicating the vision and direction of the League.


5)        Overseeing the Executive Committee.


6)        Assisting with League Discipline.


7)        Responding to and directing general League inquiries form the website.


8)        Communicating with new teams.


e.         Duties of the Executive Committee:


1)        Selection and Tenure.  The directors shall, from time to time as required, be elected by a majority vote of the membership.  The following board positions will be filled as required: a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, the Scheduler, the Registrar and other board positions as are necessary each to serve a three year term.  Each of the board members may succeed himself/herself for one or more terms.


f.          Duties of the Vice-President:


1)        Dealing with and overseeing League Discipline along with    the League President.


2)   Assisting with meeting composition and flow


3)         Overseeing meetings if the President is unable to attend or  in absence of an elected President


g.         Duties of the Secretary:


1)        Keeping accurate minutes of all League meetings.


2)        Sending out correspondence to League managers.


h.         Duties of the Treasurer:


1)        Collecting all League fees on behalf of the League.


2)        Keeping all books of account of the League financial    proceedings.


3)        Arranging for League insurance each season.


4)        Making an annual financial report to the League.


i.          Duties of the Scheduler:


1)        Scheduling all League and Playoff games.


2)        Coordinating with referees.


3)        Securing fields at the beginning of every calendar year.


k.         Duties of the Registrar:


1)        Player Personnel: Team info, rosters, player ID and eligibility.


6.         Executive Sub-Committees


a.         Available Positions.  Each Executive Committee member will have a number of people serving under them to assist in carrying out the duties of their job description.  Sub-Committee members will be directly responsible to the Executive Committee member above them.


b.         Rules for Serving.  Each team must have a member serve on either the Executive Committee or an Executive Sub-Committee every third year. If a team fails to have someone fulfill this duty, that team could be suspended from play for one season or face other discipline, at the discretion of the Executive.


7.         Updating Policies and Procedures


a.         Changes: Proposed changes to the constitution shall be circulated to the Executive Committee at least one week prior to the next managers meeting.


b.         Ratification: Changes that are approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Directors become effective for the current season and subsequent seasons.


8.         Notice of upcoming League Meetings


a.         The President will notify all member teams at least three weeks in advance of any League meetings.  It is the responsibility of the team managers to keep the Executive Committee informed about changes to the contact person for their team.  The agenda of each meeting shall be circulated at least one week in advance of the meeting date.  A quorum shall be established as twice the number of the Executive.



9.         Code of Conduct


For Managers, Players, and Teams:


The Statement of League Principles is guided by an honour system of self-regulation among team members.  It is not the purpose of the Policies and Procedures to provide an exhaustive set of regulations, but rather to establish some general guidelines for the conduct of both the member teams and the individuals within the League.  The League will rely greatly on the integrity of the team managers to conduct the affairs of their teams in accordance with the Statement of Principles, input from the Executive Committee and the following guidelines:


a.         Eligibility


1)        Each team will be affiliated with a Christian church or two Christian churches [see 9.a.(3)(a) and (b)].


2)        Each team will be governed by the terms of the Constitution and the discretionary decisions of the Executive Committee.


3)        Player Eligibility.  For a player to be eligible to play for a team in the League, the player must fall under one of the following four categories:


a)    One Church-based teams.  Each team official and player shall be a regular attender at the church, which they represent; however, a player whose church does not have a team may play for any League team.  The maximum number of “Other Church” import players per team in this category is three.


Church Attendance: refers to a person attending the main services offered to the church members on Sunday morning, or equivalent service offered on a different day/time. This excludes youth events and other programs that are ministries of the church and not their primary gathering for their weekly message and time of worship. Attending these ministries is not “attending” the church.


Regular Attender: a person who is committed to “attend”, by the above definition, one of the church’s weekly services, attends them on a regular basis, and certainly more than any other church which they may attend occasionally.



b)        Two Church-based teams.  Two smaller churches may combine to form one League team.  All team officials and player’s mush regularly attend one of the two churches (note: no “Other Church” import players are permitted in this category, except for two “Witness Clause” import players).  One proviso is that the Executive Committee must give approval of the combination before the team may play in the League on a yearly basis. There must be a written request stating why a two-church team is needed. The executive will discuss each application as received.


c)         “Other Church” Import Players.  A player who attends another church, which does not have a team in the League, is considered an “Other Church” import.  A player who attends no church at all is considered a “Witness Clause” import.  Each team (with the exception of Two Church-based teams who may only field two “Witness Clause” imports) may have a maximum of four imports on their roster.  Every season, a letter for each “Other Church” import player must be sent to the President from the Pastor of their church and must be approved by the Executive Committee  (each situation will be based on its own merits and approvals are not automatic).  Any combination of “Other Church” and “Witness Clause” impost totaling three is acceptable provided the conditions outlined in 9.a.(3)(d) are met.


d)        “Witness Clause” Import Players.  Up to four players who do not attend any church may be on a team’s roster.  Every season, a letter for each player must be sent to the President and must be approved by the Executive Committee  (each situation will be based on its own merits and approvals are not automatic).  The spirit behind this rule is not to stack teams, but to reach out to others who do not know Christ and introduce them to Jesus according to the League Statement and Principles.


4)        Notwithstanding sub-clause 9.a.(3), no player is eligible to play for more than one team in the League in a given season. A church with two or more teams cannot move players up and down between their teams during a season.


5)        No later than the first managers meeting, each team will:


a)        Pay its League Fees (including performance bond and fines)


b)        Submit its preliminary team roster.


c)         Failure to perform the above on time will result in a $50.00 late fee for each of 9.a.(5) (a) and (b).  Failure to pay at all will result in ineligibility for the season.




6)        Rosters


a)        Each team may play only those players who are listed on the team roster.  Each player must have League provided photo ID at each game and show it if asked.  The Executive Committee recommends that the referee conduct’s an ID Check prior to the match. Checks may be made at halftime or following the match. If a player does not have their League photo ID, an issued ID may be used (drivers license, Passport, Citizenship card, Student ID). If a player doesn’t have ID and this is discovered prior to their participating in the match, they may play not until they can produce their photo ID.  If they have already played in the game, it’s a forfeit and the offending team will incur all cost for the match.  In this case please have the referee make note of what has transpired on the game sheet.


b)        Roster changes.  The League Statistician must approve all changes before new players are eligible to play.  A team may add or change its roster during the year at any time before the Wednesday following the Victoria Day long Weekend of the season.  After that date, rosters are frozen and no changes may be made.


c)         If a team is going to register any player under the age of 19, they must also submit to the Executive Committee a Criminal Record Check (C.R.C.) for the team manager.  If the player is an addition to the roster, and would be the first player on the roster under the age of 19, the C.R.C. must be submitted at the same time as the request for the addition.


d)        The league is a co-ed league and It is to offer the opportunity for males and females to participate in the game of soccer.


7)        Each new team wishing to enter the League must present their bid to the Executive Committee and then be present at the first pre-season managers meeting before December 31st for the upcoming season. A New team registration fee of $50 will be required at the new team meeting to be held the second week of January.


8)        A Manager that misses 2 consecutive meetings in a season could be replaced at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


b.         Team Requirements


1)        Each team will provide sequential numbered uniforms, a game ball, and a net for its game.  Failure to do so results in a forfeit.  The forfeiting team will also be responsible to pay the whole referee fee.  In addition, each team will provide two proper corner flags.  Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 fine  (please have the referee make note of this on the game sheet).


2)        Uniforms:  In the event of a colour conflict, the home team is required to change uniforms.  All teams must have either a spare set of jerseys or a set of bibs.


3)        Field Lining: The home team is responsible for the lining of the field.  If a referee calls a game due to inadequate lining, the home team will lose the game by default and will pay the full referee fee for both teams.


4)        Game Sheets: Each team will be issued Game Report Forms that are to be filled out by the managers at each game.  Managers are responsible to make sure that all information appears on the game sheets, and that the referee and both managers sign the sheet.  Game reports must be faxed or scanned to the League Statistician by the winning team within 1 business day of the completed game.  In the event of a tie, the home team is expected to fax or scan in the game report.  Failure to fax or scan the game report to the Statistician within 1 business day will result in a penalty being assessed of $5.00 for each day the report is late.


c.          League Structure


1)        Regular Season


a)        Structure: The number of teams and the number of divisions will be determined at the first pre-season managers meeting each season.  Whenever possible the preferred number of teams per Division will be seven.  Promotion and relegation, whenever possible, will be top two regular season teams up one division as appropriate and bottom two regular season teams down one division whenever appropriate.  Promotion and relegation will be based on the standing at the end of the previous regular season.


b)        Eligibility: To be eligible for the regular season play, each team must have a manager and if required by the Executive Committee a church representative at the first-season managers meeting.  A manager or representative must also be present at the second managers meeting in order for the team to qualify for League play in a given season.


2)        Playoffs


a)        Structure: The structure of the playoffs and who is eligible for the Playoffs will be discussed each season at the mid-season managers meeting.  The Executive Committee will provide a recommended format for the Playoffs at the mid-season managers meeting for membership approval.


b)        Eligibility: All team managers or representatives must attend all general League meetings or their team is out of the Playoffs, provided three weeks notice to attend the meeting has been given.


d.         Officiating


1)        All League matches will be conducted under current FIFA rules.


2)        Officiating will be provided by either a member of the BC Referee Association or by a League Representative.  In the event of the referee not showing up, each team must provide a referee for one half of the match.  This game will be considered official and all cards given will count.


3)        Members of the BC Referees Association will be paid $60.00 per match. The existing BC Referee Association sets these fees.  The home team will be responsible to pay all referee fees.


4)        A game is officially completed once 67 minutes have been played, in case of the referee calling the game early.


e.         Scheduling


1)        Field scheduling: League games will be scheduled between April and the end of June.  Game nights are primarily Mondays and Fridays. Playoffs will follow the Regular Season.


2)        Rescheduling of Games:  All games are to be played according to the schedule issued by the League.  If your team has dates it cannot play, these must be made known in writing to the Scheduler at the pre-season managers meeting a date will be given for that deadline.  A team can submit up to 2 or 3 dates on which it cannot play depending on the league calendar (see 9.e.2.a-c), however, that does not guarantee that they will not have a match scheduled on these dates.  If a team does not play a game, they will forfeit the game and pay all associated costs.

  1. There are 2 League wide Blackout dates. Good Friday and the Friday of the Victoria Day Weekend.


  1. If Good Friday does not occur during the season 3 blackout dates are permitted


  1. If Good Friday does occur during the season 2 blackout dates are permitted


3)        Forfeits: If a team does not play a scheduled game, they owe the League the full referee fee ($60.00) and a $50.00 field fine for a total of $110.00.


4)        Forfeiture of games at the end of the regular season will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and disciplinary action will be taken as required.


f.          Discipline


1)        The referee’s decision is final and will not be overturned by the Executive Committee.


2)        Discipline reviews will be made by the Vice-President and the Executive Committee.


3)        Any Red Card offense must be reported within 24 hours by each teams manager and the Player who received the Card. All reports must be emailed to the Executives.


4)        Discipline System:


a)        Team Discipline


i)         Complaints regarding un-Christian-like conduct of other teams will be accepted by the President in written form only and must be as specific as possible.


ii)        The President will, at his or her discretion, assign one or more independent observers to be present at games of a team that is either suspected of improper behavior or for which a complaint has been received.


iii)       Penalty Point System: Any red card a team receives is worth 3 penalty points, while any yellow card a team receives is worth 1 penalty point.  When a team accumulates 15 penalty points for red and/or yellow cards, the team will be penalized 3 League points and put on probation.  If the team does not change its attitude and continues to get cards, the Executive Committee, at their discretion, may bar the offending team from the Playoffs and as a final measure, may remove the team from all League play.


iv)       A team will be issued a warning when:


(1)      A written complaint is received concerning its behavior, which is judged to be valid.


(2)      An official observer reports that its behavior was un-Christian-like.


(3)      The team has received 15 penalty points.


v)        A team shall appear before the Executive Committee and explain why it should be permitted to continue playing in the League when:


(1)      Two substantiated, written reports are received.


(2)      Observers report un-Christian-like conduct on two separate occasions.


(3)      One substantiated report is received and an official observer reports un-Christian-like conduct on another occasion.


vi)       If, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, a team is not behaving in a Christian-like manner, the Executive Committee has the right to eject that team from the League.


vii)      A team may be ejected from the League upon two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee or when 20 penalty points have been reached.


viii)     The Executive Committee, at their discretion, may impose on an individual team a penalty which would carry the regular season penalty point system into the first Playoff game for that team where the Executive Committee believes that team has forfeited a game in order to avoid the regular season penalty point system and be eligible to play in the Playoffs.


b)        Individual Discipline


Card Discipline
i. Any yellow card Player not allowed to play for the next 10 minutes (enforced by managers, not referees).  This excludes Goalkeepers. 
ii. Third yellow card 1 game suspension (next game) and review by the Executive Committee. 
iii. Fifth yellow card 3 game suspension (next 3 games) and review. 
iv. First red card Remainder of game suspension and 1 game suspension (next game) and review by the Executive Committee. 
v. Second red card Remainder of game suspension and 4 game suspension and review by the Executive Committee. 

b.2)     Card Accumulations carry over to the playoffs.


4)        Non-Christian conduct policy.  The following acts/deeds will be considered as non-Christian conduct:


a)        Swearing


b)        Fighting


c)         Spitting


d)        Biting


e)        Deliberate intimidation (physical or verbal) directed at another player, coach, spectator, or official


f)         Disrespect shown to the referee


g)        Lying: fabricating a roster and playing illegal players (this will result in a 2-year manager suspension, plus a red card for the game in question)


5)        The President and the Executive Committee will carefully review all of the above infractions and may consider disciplinary action.


h.         League issued ID Cards: The league for the safety of players and to promote Fair Play issues ID cards. The cards will be given out at the second managers meeting prior to the season starting play. The ID card is Valid as long as that play’s for the same church.


1)   Players are registered through the league run registration system. A photo must be uploaded with each registration submitted.


2)   Managers will be required to show the Referee the ID cards for roster check prior to every game.

3)   Players who are missing their ID Cards are permitted to use Government or Institutional issued Photo ID (Drivers license, Passport, Citizenship Card, Student ID)

4)   For any mid season add-ons new cards will be mailed out 3 times during the season and given out at the final managers.

  1. League Fees and Fines (fees will be revised yearly as needed):

1)            Fee Schedule (2014)

a. League Fees?- All BCCSL teams $1100

b. Entry (Application) fee for new teams payable at the New Team meeting in January $50

c. Performance bond for all teams $100

2)            Other Fees:


  1. Player Add-On Fee after the March initial Roster Deadline: $15
  2. Referee Fee $60 per match payable by the Home Team

3)            Schedule of Fines – Team Fees (2014):


  1. Non-Attendance at meeting: $50
  2. Game Forfeit: $110 plus a 3-0 loss
  3. Improper or no Corner flags: $50
  4. Improper or no Goal net: $50 plus Forfeit Fee
  5. Poor condition or No Game Ball: $30
  6. Incomplete Uniforms, different colours, no numbers: $50
  7. Returned Cheque (NSF): $50
  8. Miss (late) Team registration (not applicable to new teams): $50
  9. Play ineligible player: $110, 3-0 Loss Manager Red Card and a 2-Year Manager Suspension
  10. Play a suspended player: 110, 3-0 Loss Manager Red Card and a 2-Year Manager Suspension


4)            Schedule of Fines – Individual Discipline (2014):


Yellow Cards


a) 3 yellow cards – minimum one game suspension and $20 fine.

b) 5 yellow cards – minimum three game suspension and $40 fine.


Red Cards

a) 1 red card – minimum one game suspension & a minimum $25 fine.

b) 2 red cards – minimum four game suspension & a minimum $60 fine and then forwarded to the BCCSL Executive Committee.

The League Discipline Committee may add any number of games and value of fine (when deemed appropriate) to a suspension when:

The severity of the incident(s) warrants further suspension.

The past history of suspensions to a player warrants further suspension.