Third North Schedule

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamFieldScore
Mon, Apr 019:15pmValley Church FCCalvary 10th Ave.William Griffin Park0-1
Mon, Apr 019:15pmNorth Langley - Orange CrushNSA BWilloughby #3 (east)4-4
Fri, Apr 058:15pmValley Church FCCariboo Road FCFen Burdett Field0-5
Fri, Apr 058:15pmCoastal Church PMFCCalvary 10th Ave.Pitt Meadows Community Sports Field1-1
Mon, Apr 088:15pmCariboo Road FCNSA BHeritage Woods0-0
Mon, Apr 089:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.St. Clare of AssisiBurnaby Lakes #40-2
Fri, Apr 128:15pmCariboo Road FCNorth Langley - Orange CrushHeritage Woods4-2
Fri, Apr 128:15pmCoastal Church PMFCValley Church FCPitt Meadows Community Sports Field1-1
Fri, Apr 129:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiNSA BGates Park - Turf #23-1
Mon, Apr 158:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiNorth Langley - Orange CrushHeritage Woods5-2
Mon, Apr 159:15pmNSA BCariboo Road FCWilliam Griffin Park2-3
Mon, Apr 159:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.Valley Church FCBurnaby Lakes #44-2
Mon, Apr 229:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.Coastal Church PMFCBurnaby Lakes #410-1
Mon, Apr 229:15pmNSA BNorth Langley - Orange CrushWilliam Griffin Park1-1
Fri, Apr 269:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.Cariboo Road FCBurnaby Lakes #41-1
Fri, Apr 269:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiValley Church FCGates Park - Turf #27-1
Mon, Apr 298:15pmCariboo Road FCSt. Clare of AssisiHeritage Woods0-3
Mon, Apr 299:15pmNSA BCoastal Church PMFCWilliam Griffin Park6-2
Fri, May 038:15pmCoastal Church PMFCCariboo Road FCPitt Meadows Community Sports Field0-1
Mon, May 068:15pmCariboo Road FCValley Church FCHeritage Woods5-0
Mon, May 069:15pmNSA BCalvary 10th Ave.William Griffin Park2-2
Fri, May 108:15pmNSA BSt. Clare of AssisiFen Burdett Field4-1
Fri, May 109:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.North Langley - Orange CrushBurnaby Lakes #40-4
Mon, May 139:15pmValley Church FCNorth Langley - Orange CrushWilliam Griffin Park0-3
Mon, May 139:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiCalvary 10th Ave.Burnaby Lakes #21-2
Mon, May 209:15pmValley Church FCCoastal Church PMFCWilliam Griffin Park5-2
Mon, May 209:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.NSA BBurnaby Lakes #40-2
Fri, May 249:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiCariboo Road FCGates Park - Turf #22-3
Mon, May 278:15pmCariboo Road FCCoastal Church PMFCHeritage Woods7-1
Mon, May 278:45pmNorth Langley - Orange CrushCalvary 10th Ave.Cloverdale Athletic Park #34-0
Mon, May 279:15pmNSA BValley Church FCWilliam Griffin Park3-1
Fri, May 318:15pmCoastal Church PMFCNorth Langley - Orange CrushPitt Meadows Community Sports Field0-2
Mon, Jun 039:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiCoastal Church PMFCGates Park - Turf #29-2
Fri, Jun 078:45pmNorth Langley - Orange CrushValley Church FCCloverdale Athletic Park #33-0
Fri, Jun 078:15pmCoastal Church PMFCSt. Clare of AssisiPitt Meadows Community Sports Field3-5
Fri, Jun 078:15pmCariboo Road FCCalvary 10th Ave.Heritage Woods1-1
Mon, Jun 109:15pmNorth Langley - Orange CrushCariboo Road FCWilloughby #3 (east)1-2
Mon, Jun 109:15pmValley Church FCSt. Clare of AssisiWilliam Griffin Park3-0
Fri, Jun 148:15pmCoastal Church PMFCNSA BPitt Meadows Community Sports Field2-3
Fri, Jun 148:45pmNorth Langley - Orange CrushSt. Clare of AssisiCloverdale Athletic Park #36-1
Mon, Jun 179:15pmNorth Langley - Orange CrushCoastal Church PMFCWilloughby #3 (east)5-0
Mon, Jun 179:15pmValley Church FCNSA BWilliam Griffin Park0-8