Third North Schedule

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamFieldScore
Mon, Apr 049:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.St. Clare of AssisiBurnaby Lakes #12-5
Fri, Apr 087:15pmNSA BLynn Valley ChurchWilliam Griffin Park2-1
Fri, Apr 089:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.Christ City ChurchBurnaby Lakes #32-3
Mon, Apr 118:15pmCariboo Road FCLynn Valley ChurchHeritage Woods6-0
Mon, Apr 119:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiChrist City ChurchGates Park - Turf #21-1
Mon, Apr 189:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiCalvary 10th Ave.Gates Park - Turf #20-1
Mon, Apr 189:15pmNSA BRidge RhinosWindsor Secondary0-6
Fri, Apr 227:15pmLynn Valley ChurchChrist City ChurchWilliam Griffin Park1-6
Fri, Apr 228:30pmRidge RhinosCariboo Road FCGolden Ears Field1-5
Fri, Apr 229:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.NSA BBurnaby Lakes #34-2
Mon, Apr 259:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.Cariboo Road FCBurnaby Lakes #11-1
Fri, Apr 298:30pmRidge RhinosChrist City ChurchGolden Ears Field2-0
Fri, Apr 297:15pmNSA BSt. Clare of AssisiWilliam Griffin Park1-2
Mon, May 029:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiRidge RhinosGates Park - Turf #22-0
Mon, May 029:15pmNSA BCariboo Road FCWindsor Secondary1-1
Mon, May 029:15pmChrist City ChurchLynn Valley ChurchBurnaby Lakes #15-1
Fri, May 068:15pmCariboo Road FCChrist City ChurchHeritage Woods0-0
Fri, May 068:30pmRidge RhinosCalvary 10th Ave.Golden Ears Field2-1
Fri, May 069:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiNSA BGates Park - Turf #25-0
Mon, May 099:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiLynn Valley ChurchGates Park - Turf #21-0
Mon, May 099:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.Ridge RhinosBurnaby Lakes #11-0
Fri, May 138:15pmLynn Valley ChurchNSA BWilliam Griffin Park6-0
Mon, May 169:15pmLynn Valley ChurchSt. Clare of AssisiWindsor Secondary2-3
Mon, May 168:15pmCariboo Road FCNSA BHeritage Woods7-0
Mon, May 239:15pmChrist City ChurchSt. Clare of AssisiBurnaby Lakes #12-3
Mon, May 239:15pmLynn Valley ChurchRidge RhinosWindsor Secondary0-2
Fri, May 278:15pmCariboo Road FCSt. Clare of AssisiHeritage Woods4-2
Fri, May 278:30pmRidge RhinosLynn Valley ChurchGolden Ears Field3-2
Fri, May 279:15pmChrist City ChurchCalvary 10th Ave.Burnaby Lakes #33-1
Mon, May 308:15pmCariboo Road FCRidge RhinosHeritage Woods1-1
Mon, May 309:15pmNSA BChrist City ChurchWindsor Secondary0-1
Mon, May 309:15pmCalvary 10th Ave.Lynn Valley ChurchBurnaby Lakes #13-2
Fri, Jun 038:15pmCariboo Road FCCalvary 10th Ave.Heritage Woods1-2
Fri, Jun 039:15pmChrist City ChurchNSA BBurnaby Lakes #33-2
Fri, Jun 038:30pmRidge RhinosSt. Clare of AssisiGolden Ears Field4-4
Mon, Jun 067:15pmSt. Clare of AssisiCariboo Road FCGates Park - Grass #33-5
Fri, Jun 108:30pmRidge RhinosNSA BGolden Ears Field4-1
Fri, Jun 109:15pmChrist City ChurchCariboo Road FCBurnaby Lakes #31-3
Mon, Jun 139:15pmLynn Valley ChurchCalvary 10th Ave.Windsor Secondary1-4
Mon, Jun 139:15pmChrist City ChurchRidge RhinosBurnaby Lakes #10-3
Fri, Jun 178:15pmNSA BCalvary 10th Ave.William Griffin Park1-8
Mon, Jun 209:15pmLynn Valley ChurchCariboo Road FCWindsor Secondary1-1