Manager Minutes

Here is a list of all the current League meeting Minutes.

2024 Season Summary 2024 Financial Statements Spring 2023 Contract Basics of the Soccer Season 2023 2023 Waiver Form 2023 Criminal Record Check Request 2023 Financial Statements 2021 Financial Statements2020 – AGM BCCSL Meeting minutes2019 BCCSL – AGM2018 BCCSL 1st Meeting – AGMBCCSL Minutes 1st Meeting 2017/03/04BCCSL Minutes 2012/6/2BCCSL-Minutes-2013/1/26BCCSL Minutes 2011/6/4BCCSL Minutes 2012/2/11BCCSL Minutes 2011/3/30BCCSL Minutes 2011/2/5BCCSL Minutes 10/3/27BCCSL Minutes 2010/6/5BCCSL Minutes 2010/1/30BCCSL Minutes 2009/6/6BCCSL Minutes 2012/3/31