Div 1 playoffs

Playoff Schedule

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamFieldScore
Fri, Jun 219:10pmRiversideNSA AGates Park - Turf #22-1
Fri, Jun 218:40pmNorth LangleySt. Clare ACloverdale Athletic Park #31-10
Mon, Jun 248:45pmCWC WARRIORSSt. Clare ANewton Athletic Park #13-0
Mon, Jun 249:10pmRedeemer EaglesRiversideBurnaby Lakes #22-1
Fri, Jul 058:00pmCWC WARRIORSRedeemer EaglesBurnaby Lakes #21-0

1. For Quarters and Semis, both teams to bring $110 to field to pay for Centre Ref ($100) and Assistant Refs ($60 each). League pays the refs in Finals.

2. Quarter-finals: If game is tied, no extra time, proceed directly to 5 penalty kicks per team.

3. Semi-Finals and Finals: If game is tied, play 2 halves of 7.5 minutes each with immediate switch over at halfway point (no time for a break). Not Golden Goal. If still tied, proceed to 5 penalty kicks per team.

4. In Divs 2 and 3, teams will be reseeded after quarter finals based on regular season points.