Second North Standings

TeamsRankPtsWinLossDrawGoalGoal AgainstYellow CardsRed CardsPenalty Points
Mainstreet FC3010205912303
North Langley - Crusaders216333022101
Coquitlam Alliance217502525909
Ridge FC206423424707
NSA A195343322202
Bethany Baptist186602931808
Culloden Church113621426303
Calvary Baptist72811854808
Cloverdale FC411011244909
New Life FC00120458101
Win = 3Pts Tie Breakers:
Draw = 1 Point 1. Head To Head points – Between the teams that are tied. Each team plays 2 games against each other. if it is tied then go to #2.
Yellow Card = 1 Penalty Point 2. Overall Wins
Red Card = 3 Penalty Points 3. Overall goals against
12 PP’s 3pt Deduction15 PP Additional 6pt Deduction

18 PP Playoff Removal

20 PP Team Removal

4. Drawing of lots