DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamFieldScore
Mon, Apr 049:15pmChristian Life AssemblyGracepoint and Northside CommunityYorkson Community Park - N111-3
Fri, Apr 088:45pmPeace PortalGracepoint and Northside CommunitySouth Surrey Athletic Park #95-1
Mon, Apr 258:45pmGracepoint and Northside CommunityStar of the SeaCloverdale Athletic Park #32-5
Mon, May 028:45pmSacred HeartGracepoint and Northside CommunityWinskill Park - Turf5-0
Fri, May 066:45pmGracepoint and Northside CommunityPeace PortalCloverdale Athletic Park #34-1
Mon, May 098:45pmSDBC FCGracepoint and Northside CommunityWinskill Park - Turf2-1
Mon, May 168:45pmGracepoint and Northside CommunitySacred HeartCloverdale Athletic Park #31-10
Mon, May 238:45pmGracepoint and Northside CommunityChristian Life AssemblyCloverdale Athletic Park #30-4
Fri, May 278:45pmJohnston HeightsGracepoint and Northside CommunityCloverdale Athletic Park #35-2
Mon, May 308:45pmGracepoint and Northside CommunityJohnston HeightsCloverdale Athletic Park #30-4
Fri, Jun 038:45pmStar of the SeaGracepoint and Northside CommunitySouth Surrey Athletic Park #33-3
Mon, Jun 138:45pmGracepoint and Northside CommunitySDBC FCCloverdale Athletic Park #31-9